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Grand Master’s Traveling Gavel

2022-2023 GMTG Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Grand Master's Traveling Gavel?

The GMTG is currently at Dry Creek #626 which meet 2 & 4 Thurs.
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Where has the Grand Master's Traveling Gavel been?

(Listed by Order Had, Most Recent on Top )
Lodge Address Date Obtained # Visitors Meet On
Dry Creek #626 62443 U.S. Highway 231P.O. Box 246 Cleveland, AL 35049,
Cleveland, AL35049
Nov 17, 202272 & 4 Thurs
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What is the Grand Master's Traveling Gavel?

The Grand Master's Traveling Gavel (GMTG) is an award passed among Blue Lodges under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of the State of Alabama. The lodge that currently holds the GMTG will present the gavel to the Lodge with the most visitors at their next meeting (regular or special), and so forth. The goal is to circulate this gavel to as many lodges as possible, and then present it as a parting gift to the Grand Master at the following year's Grand Lodge Annual Communication. After Grand Lodge's Annual Communication, a new gavel will be placed into circulation and would ultimately be presented to the next Grand Master at the end of his year as the MWGM.

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How can my lodge get the Grand Master's Traveling Gavel?

See the section above, which lists where the GMTG is currently located and their lodge's info. Then, bring the most visitors to their next meeting (stated or special).

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Rules and Regulations for GMTG:


When your lodge wins the GMTG, you should update the Grand Lodge Website that night, to allow Brethren the chance to plan a trip to come get it.

When to give gavel:

Once your Lodge obtains the gavel, it must be given at your next meeting (doesn't matter if it's regular or special). If there are guests present, they get it.

Plural Members:

Plural Members may count toward ALL lodges they are members of. If "Brother Jones" is a Member of Lodge A, Lodge B, and Lodge C, then when counting visitors to see who gets the gavel, he may stand and be counted for ALL THREE
Lodges. This is left up to the individual Brother as to how he would like to be counted.


In the event there are more than one visiting Lodge, and there is a tie for the Gavel:
  • If THIS Gavel has previously been awared to one Lodge and not the other, then the Gavel should be awarded to the Lodge who has not previously been awarded it.
  • If both of the Lodges HAVE previously been awarded the Gavel, then the one who travelled the FARTHEST to get it, should be awarded the Gavel.
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