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Making Good Men, Better Men Since Time Immemorial

Lodge Website Guidelines


(Adapted from the Grand Lodge of Georgia, F. & A. M.)

The criteria set forth by the Internet Committee of The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Alabama for being recognized, governed or linked to/from the Grand Lodge’s Internet Website is as follows (approved by the Grand Lodge Corporate Officers):

1. Lodge websites are Lodge activities and, therefore, under the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge.

2. All Alabama Lodge websites linking to other Alabama Lodges or the Grand Lodge must be approved and will be governed through the Internet Committee of the Grand Lodge.

3. Any such Lodge must be recognized, chartered and in good standing with the Grand Lodge.

4. Only one website per Lodge may be designated as the “official” website and be linked from the Grand Lodge’s website. Written authorization from the Worshipful Master and Secretary must be on file with the Lodge webmaster.

5. A Lodge website must be presented and maintained in good taste and conform to the Constitution, Resolutions and Edicts of the Grand lodge. Page designs are up to the individual Lodge; however, the initial design must be approved by the Internet Committee as follows.  The home page (the first page seen by someone coming to the website) must contain the caveat “Pending Approval of the Grand Lodge Internet Committee” preceding any other information at the top of the page when it is first loaded.  The committee will be notified by an email message to the Grand Lodge Webmaster at stating that a new site has been uploaded and giving its Uniform Resource Locator (URL).  The Grand Lodge Webmaster will notify all other members of the committee and the site will be reviewed.  When approved by a majority of the committee, the Lodge Webmaster will be notified to remove the caveat.

6. The committee recommends using the Lodge Name and number and the suffix of .ORG when setting up the URL. For example, if the Lodge Name and number were mylodge # 730, the URL to request from the host would be  The use of the work “masonic” in a URL is strongly discouraged to prevent any possible conflict with Edict 25.10.  The Worshipful Master should also discourage the use of a “Free Website” where the provider has the option to insert their commercial advertisements, at will and without approval, into the Lodge’s web pages.

7. The Lodge website must not link to any website where there may be any conflict with the principles of Freemasonry, including Social Networks. If another site requests permission to link to a Lodge’s website; and, in the opinion of the Lodge Webmaster, the principles of Freemasonry would be violated, permission must be denied for the link.  If a link is discovered from a site that did not ask permission, and that site is found to be in violation of the principles of Freemasonry, a request to remove the link must be sent.  There must be a link to the Grand Lodge’s website on every Subordinate Lodge’s website.  (

8. Names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. of the Grand Lodge Officers, Committee Members, and District Lecturers will not be published on Lodge websites. Lodge members and officers of the Lodge may be published if the Lodge Webmaster has their written permission.  Information displayed on the Lodge website must be accurate and kept up-to-date as pertains to names, addresses, phone numbers, dates, etc.  Suggested types of information on websites are: List of Officers; History of the Lodge; Contact Information; Upcoming Events; Master’s Message; List of Past Masters, Newsletter.

9. Lodge websites must be designed for use by all mainstream browser platforms (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, Mozilla Firefox, etc.). The site must appear fundamentally the same to all popular browser platforms.

10. A Lodge website will not link to any business or personal websites; however, personal websites may link to a Lodge website. This restriction does not apply to the following: web counters, guestbooks, link exchange, awards received, free website hosts, Masonic sponsors of the site.

11. Any Lodge website which solicits funds must use existing approval methods; i.e. approval of the Grand Master. (This does not apply to fundraising events such as yard sales, suppers, etc.)

12. When a website linked to the Grand Lodge needs a MAJOR change in content, the changes may be made and uploaded by adding the caveat to the home page as described in item 5 above. The Grand Lodge Webmaster will be notified of the changes by email and the committee will review the site again. After approval, the Lodge Webmaster will be notified to remove the caveat.  Major changes do not include upcoming events, changes to Lodge Officers, new items, etc.

13. If a Lodge website is abandoned, the Grand Lodge Webmaster must be notified so links from the Grand Lodge website may be removed.

14. The Seal of Grand Lodge of Alabama will not be used on a website without written permission of the Grand Secretary. Graphics will not be taken from other Masonic sites without permission. (Permission is not necessary to use any graphics from the Grand Lodge’s website.)

15. These rules are subject to change by the Internet Committee, with the approval of the Grand Lodge Corporate Officers.