Making Good Men, Better Men Since Time Immemorial
Making Good Men, Better Men Since Time Immemorial

Grand Chaplain

March 2023

Brethren All,

The month of March is a month in which we all look forward to. This month bring us into our Spring season, which is at times brings bright and cheery. This month nice smile, friendly handshakes and brotherly love stands forth in our hearts.

The pain of this month is brought by one brother disrespecting another brother no matter what group you are in or whether you mean to or not.

Brethren who fish, hunt or play golf can find absolute joy this month. Especially to meet on the square and in meetings of the lodge. This is a time when conferences come greatly enjoyed by all Masons. Special meetings show brothers stand as men in aspects of masonry.

Today let us stand hand in hand as it was spoken of in one of our special reports. My Jesus bring joy to us all. God Bless and may your sins be forgiven.

Right Worshipful and Reverend,
Ricky Kilgore, Grand Chaplain

January 2023

Dear Brethren, 

The month of January is a very special month because it begins the New Year with fresh ideas. God is always here to help us and if we allow him he can make our lodges profit for hope, fervency and zeal. This is the month I pray for all Masons to begin a new day standing together to raise the values of life more and more. We have shifted to far to a woke society and everything else matters more than our happiness and strength.

Today I pray for you all and that you might turn to God for further advice and direction of walk. Please remember your obligations more today than yesterday. God Bless.

Right Worshipful & Reverend Grand Chaplain
Ricky Kilgore