Making Good Men, Better Men Since Time Immemorial
Making Good Men, Better Men Since Time Immemorial

Charter Lee Nicholson, PGM 1982-1983

Charter Lee Nicholson, PGM 1982-1983

Brother Nicholson began his Masonic career by being initiated in Nunn-Oden Lodge No. 398 in Hartselle on May 9,1969, passed May 27,1969, and raised May 31,1969. He received his Certificate of Proficiency on the Ritual in July 1970. He served his Lodge as Master during the 1971-72 Masonic Year. He has since served his Lodge as Treasurer and Secretary.

He began serving the Grand Lodge when he was appointed a Member of the Committee on Special Gifts to the Masonic Home in November 1972. He was appointed Lecturer of the Second District in November of 1973. He has served on the Committee on Work from November 1974 until November 1980. He chaired that committee in the 1978-79 Masonic Year. He is also a member of the Birmingham Scottish Rite Bodies and the Northwest Alabama proficiency Club of which he is a Past-president.

Brother Nicholson was born the son of Brother Garvice G. Nicholson and Lucille Perkins Nicholson on February 20, 1941 in Walker County, Alabama.

He attended public schools in Marion and Morgan Counties graduating from Morgan County High School in Hartselle in 1958. He began his undergraduate study at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa and finished at Auburn University receiving his Bachelor of Science Degree in 1962. After some graduate work at the University in Birmingham, He returned to Hartselle and since has been associated with his father and uncle in the family owned Ford Dealership.

Brother Nicholson and his wife, the former Carolyn Rodgers of Hartselle, are the parents of three children: Cambia, Charter, Jr., and Christy.