Making Good Men, Better Men Since Time Immemorial
Making Good Men, Better Men Since Time Immemorial

Mission Statement

To provide a strong and viable leadership to the Masons of Alabama. To develop and
implement programs to assist the lodges in becoming more visible and active in the
communities and to promote Friendship, Morality and Brotherly Love throughout the
state. To facilitate the charitable outreach of the Grand Lodge of Alabama. To promote
Honor, Integrity and Truth to all men

OBJECTIVES of the Grand Lodge

  1. Reverse the declining membership in the lodges.
  2. To maintain a positive financial condition of the Grand Lodge.
  3. Continue and develop the Communication/Leadership Workshops that will aid
    and assist the Masters, Wardens, and Secretaries of the subordinate lodges into the
    next millennium.
  4. To support the charitable outreach programs of the Grand Lodge.
  5. Continue to review the Alabama Masonic Code (law) to meet modern day needs,
    goals and objectives of the Masonic fraternity in Alabama.
  6. Promote and support our Masonic youth programs in Alabama.
  7. Show leadership and support to all appendant bodies of Masonry in Alabama.
  8. Project the Mission of this Grand Lodge to each individual member.
  9. To purchase a piece of property suitable for building a Grand Lodge building.

Goals to meet the Objectives

  1. Educate the lodges through the Committee on Work, District Lecturers and the
    Education and Public Relations Committee on such programs as the “Friend to
    Friend” program, service to the community and family involvement. To search for
    and present, through these committees, programs to reduce the decrease in
    membership without lowering the bar.
  2. Manage and develop the real and personal property assets of the Grand Lodge to
    provide present and future budget funding. Prevent future requirements/requests
    for increased Grand Lodge dues. To coordinate and report such actions at each
    Grand Lodge Communication until this goal is realized.
  3. Continue and develop Communication/Leadership workshops throughout the state
    in different areas of the state.
  4. To work closely with and support the Charitable Outreach Committee in
    determining and providing for our Masonic family which will enhance adequate
    funding for present and future charitable needs.
  5. Maintain a committee for the review of the Constitution and Edicts. This
    committee will make the necessary recommendations to the annual Grand Lodge
    session for approval of the proposed changes.
  6. Promote the visibility and needs of our Youth programs to all appendant bodies.
  7. Support our Grand Lodge Youth Committee and communicate required programs
    and needs to all charitable Masonic Bodies of our Grand Jurisdiction.
  8. Promote and maintain harmonious relationships with all appendant bodies
    through communication and identification of common goals to support Masonry.
    To assist and request assistance to meet mutual goals. Grand Lodge Officers will
    meet at least once during the Masonic year with all appendant body leaders.
  9. Insure that every lodge receives the “Mission Statement” and Objectives of the
    Grand Lodge and understands and supports the Goals set to meet the objectives.
  10. Present to the Grand Lodge members a proposed relocation plan based on inputs
    from the Constituent Lodges.