Making Good Men, Better Men Since Time Immemorial
Making Good Men, Better Men Since Time Immemorial

COVID-19 Update December 14, 2020

Brethren, your Grand Lodge has had several inquiries as how to proceed with the pandemic issue that continues to affect us. Please be advised this is the position the Grand Lodge will take until further notice.

Brethren, most importantly, we will continue with PGM Mike Taylor’s guidance that the BRETHREN’S HEALTH will always be our FIRST and TOP priority in any decision made, either at the lodge level or at the Grand Lodge level.

There are two areas of concern for all of us as we deal with this pandemic issue. First, our civil law and guidelines at whatever level. Secondly, our Masonic laws, rules, and regulations.

First, regarding Federal and State Laws, Regulations and Guidelines:

  1. Be aware and responsible.

Secondly, regarding our Masonic Code, Constitution, Edicts, Regulations, Degree Work, and other Lodge Activities, including long time standing honored Masonic Traditions.

  1. The pandemic issue at the present time has increased in a few scattered lodges. Hotspots, if you will. These brethren are naturally concerned, as they should be. Other areas of the state are not experiencing these sudden increases; thus, our state is very inconsistent as to who and to what degree this virus has affected the brethren and their lodges. This variation results in a challenge as to how to have the best Masonic governance among the entire state.
  2. At the present time, it is my intention to leave it up to each lodge to determine if it can meet, perform the lodge’s business to include degree work, 50-year pins presentations, meet deadlines on reports to the Grand Lodge, etc. Using the pandemic as the only measuring stick for your (the lodges) decision. 

    Until such time as I have to change or modify this position, use your best judgement. If you are not comfortable or not sure of what decision you should make, please contact me.
  3. This issue will be continued to be monitored, and, if necessary, new instructions will be made available for your governance.
  4. Brethren, please know I have an open-door policy, either in person, text, email, or telephonically, please contact me, if you are not clear of my intentions.
  5. God bless you and your lodge as you go forward. Be Safe!!

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Tommy Morrow
MW Grand Master