Making Good Men, Better Men Since Time Immemorial
Making Good Men, Better Men Since Time Immemorial

COVID-19 Update

To The Brethren of Alabama,

A more recent post was made by the GM, clarifying that NO DEGREE WORK could be performed until June 1, 2020. Click here to see that post.

Governor Ivey has amended her “Safer-At-Home” order and has authorized non-work gatherings of 10 or more people and also allowed Houses of Worship to re-open effective May 11, 2020,  As a result of this, I have decided to allow the current suspension of Masonic Activities in Alabama to expire on May 15th, 2020. 

Effective May 16th, 2020, I am authorizing all Masonic Lodges to resume normal operations if the Worshipful Master decides this is in the best interest of his Brethren. 

The current COVID-19 situation is not universal throughout the State and while some counties are experiencing minor effects from the virus, other counties are enduring more significant impacts from it.  As such, if a Worshipful Master decides that it is in the best interest of the safety of his lodge membership to take a more conservative approach to re-opening his lodge during the month of May, he will have my full support.  Brethren, we are experiencing events that have never happened in this country before and this requires us to respond in the most prudent manner possible to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of all our Masonic Family.    

Effective June 1st, 2020, all Masonic Lodges in the State of Alabama will resume normally scheduled meeting times and strictly adhere to the Constitution, Resolutions, and Edicts of the Grand Lodge just as we did prior to the COVID-19 disruption in March 2020.  

Brethren, this has been one of the most impactful events in the 200 year history of our Grand Lodge.  Never before has the entire Fraternity been shuttered for two months.  I want to sincerely Thank each of you for your understanding, patience, support, and encouragement during this unprecedented event in our Nation, our State, and our Brotherhood.  But as we return to our respective Lodges and Appendant Bodies, we now have the opportunity to resume our Fraternal duties and responsibilities with a renewed fervor and zeal.  Now is the time for us to come together as Brothers and ensure the Masonic Fraternity in Alabama continues to be united and strong.  Let us all strive together to  make the remainder of 2020 a Great Year in Alabama Masonry.  We cannot change what has happened during the past two months, but we can most definitely affect the future in a positive manner by our individual and collective attitudes and actions.  May they always be displayed in such a way to bring honor to your Grand Lodge, your subordinate Lodge, and all of the Craft wheresoever dispersed.  

I look forward with Great Anticipation to the next opportunity for us to dwell together in unity.

Mike Taylor
Grand Master