Making Good Men, Better Men Since Time Immemorial
Making Good Men, Better Men Since Time Immemorial

Brethren All,

As the month of April has slid by without much notice, the month of May is here. To all my brethren and with love to each of you I declare this to be a month of growth in Masonry. Each day we must realize brings us one day closer to meeting our LORD.

The visitations we had so far have brought us to many, many fine Masons we would never have met. The brotherly Love of Masonry is to be the same as hand in hand to each other. Our obligations are very distinctive. The strawberry winter we have just went through is to show us how our God has designed things to come.

People today want to join masonry because they have heard what a great peace it brings to men. One thing we should remember is that, they are joining us not the other way. Remember today quality is still better than quantity.

Let the light of the Great Lights shine through each of us to those less fortunate. In the name of the Great Architect of the Universe may you read this with Peace.

May God’s Healing come to you all.

Right Worshipful and Reverend
Ricky Kilgore, Grand Chaplain