Making Good Men, Better Men Since Time Immemorial
Making Good Men, Better Men Since Time Immemorial

October 2023

To all my brethren in Free Masonry of Alabama.

It is again my pleasure to say hello to you all. October is the month of Halloween for children. Sometimes the month of October is for those who see cooler weather, even a thought of Fall in the air. It now becomes time for me to say get yourselves ready for Grand Lodge Assembly coming in November 2023.

I think it has been a splendid time to gather with families and have fun for the season. Please keep our children safe and happy. There may be sickness in the family but let us not forget the one who really makes all things possible. The Father of Lights wants us to remember that he is the true one who keeps us together.

This could be my very last time of posting for you all. I do, hope I have made this past year pleasant for you all. It has been an honor for me to bring prayer and peace toward you and your families.

I love you all. May God richly Bless you all.

Right Worshipful and Reverend
Ricky Kilgore, Grand Chaplain