Making Good Men, Better Men Since Time Immemorial
Making Good Men, Better Men Since Time Immemorial

Daniel Arthur Greene, PGM 1911-1913

Daniel Arthur Greene, PGM 1911-1913

Daniel Arthur Greene, PGM 1911-1913

“Judge Daniel Arthur Greene was born in Lee County, Alabama August 8th, 1863; the son of Rinaldo M. and Annie (Bullard)Greene. He graduated from Emory College in 1884 with the degree of A.B. After graduation he taught school one year in Camp Hill. In1886, he graduated from the University of Alabama, with the degree of L.L. B.

He was married to Miss Jordan M. Morrow, daughter of Past Grand Master George M. Morrow in May, 1890, and they had three children.

He located in Birmingham, Alabama, immediately after graduation and began the practice of law, and served as Assistant Solicitor of Jefferson County from 1888 to 1892. He was a member of Legislature 1896-1897 and elected Associate Judge of Criminal Court of Jefferson County, November 1900 for a term of six years. In 1904 he was appointed by the Governor as Senior Judge of that court, and in 1906 was elected by the people Senior Judge for a term of six years. On account of ill health, he was forced to resign as Judge in February 1910. After his recovery, he entered the automobile business in Birmingham, Alabama.

He was initiated in Birmingham Fraternal Lodge No. 384 on July 24, 1893, passed February 26, 1894, and raised March 12, 1894. He served as Secretary of the lodge for one year and was elected Junior Warden and Senior Warden for one year each, and served as Master for two years. The Lodge more than doubled its membership during his term as Worshipful Master.

In 1903 he compiled the Edicts of Grand Lodge and assisted in preparing the “Masonic Manual of Alabama.” with Brother George A. Beaucham. The manual was pronounced a model by officers of other Grand Jurisdictions at the time. He served as a member on Masonic Jurisprudence of Grand Lodge from 1900 to 1906, elected Junior Grand Warden 1906; Most Worshipful Grand Master December 6, 1911; re-elected 1912. He served as a member of the Committee on the Masonic Home and was very active in promoting this great enterprise, which is such a credit to Alabama Masonry.

He was exalted to the degree of Royal Arch in Mineral City Chapter No. 101, Birmingham, Alabama, May 15, 1901. He received the Orders of Knighthood in Cyrene Commandery No. 10, Birmingham, June 21, 1902. He was initiated in Zamora Temple A. A. O. N. M. S., February 17, 1909 and was Grand Patron of Eastern Star 1919-1920.

He was affable and kind, faithful and devoted to his duties, sincere and honest in his motives and in every position of trust or service he has been called to fill, has proved himself “a workman that needeth not to be ashamed.”
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