Making Good Men, Better Men Since Time Immemorial
Making Good Men, Better Men Since Time Immemorial

Walter Smith, PGM 1915-1917

Walter Smith, PGM 1915-1917

“Walter Smith was born in New Sharon, Franklin County, Maine, on March 19, 1862. He was married to Miss Jennie B. Newbern of Jackson, Tennessee, on February 17, 1891, and moved to Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

He was initiated August 23, 1893, passed September 27, 1890, and raised October 25, 1893, in Rising Virtue Lodge No. 4, of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, of which Lodge he was Master from 1901 to 1903. He was one of the trustees appointed for the construction of the new Masonic Temple at Tuscaloosa, 1906, and has acted as Secretary of that body since its organization.

He was Chairman of the Committee on By-Laws of the Grand Lodge from 1904 to 1909, inclusive, when he was elected Junior Grand Warden, and after serving in the intervening stations, was elected Most Worshipful Grand Master on December 2, 1915; to which high and responsible station he was re-elected on December 7, 1916.

He was exalted March 9, 1899, in Tuscaloosa Chapter No. 1, Tuscaloosa, Alabama of which Chapter he was High Priest from 1903 to 1912, with the exception of one year. He was anointed and consecrated by the Council of Anointed High Priests of Alabama, December 1, 1903. He was received and greeted August 9, 1899, in Tuscaloosa Council No. 4, Tuscaloosa, Alabama of which Council he was Thrice Illustrious Master from 1906 to 1907. He was elected Grand Steward of the Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters of Alabama November 30, 1903, was successively advanced, and was elected Most Illustrious Grand Master on November 30, 1908. He was knighted August 10,1899 in Tuscaloosa Commandery No. 13 of Tuscaloosa, Alabama on its reorganization, and on August 11, 899, was elected Eminent Commander, serving until 1901. He was elected Grand Warder of the Grand Commandery of Knights Templar of Alabama in 1900, and successively advanced, and on May 9, 1907, was elected Right Eminent Grand Commander of the Grand Commandery of Knights Templar of the State of Alabama, serving the Constitutional limit.

He received the degrees of the A.A.S.R.S.J from the 4th to the 14th, inclusive. He was a member of Zamora Temple A.A.O.N.M.S., of Birmingham, Alabama.

“Past Grand Master Walter Smith passed away January 23rd 1942 at his home in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Brother Smith was Grand Master for the fiscal Masonic Year 1916-1917 and served on a committee of the Grand Lodge continuously from that time to his death.”