Making Good Men, Better Men Since Time Immemorial
Making Good Men, Better Men Since Time Immemorial

Alabama Grand Lodge Masonic Quizzes

Welcome, brother, to the Education program of the M.W. Grand Lodge of Alabama. The quizzes provided here refer to the Alabama Masonic Ritual Monitor and the Alabama Masonic Code and the Holy Bible. Access to these resources can be obtained at your lodge or on the Grand Lodge website by clicking here.  

These quizzes are designed to instruct you in the MW Grand Lodge of F&AM’s practice of Freemasonry; to help you separate truth from error by referring you to the correct answers as stated by the approved materials provided by the MW Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons. 

You may find that answers to these questions may not agree with what you have seen in television programs, read in books or magazines written by respected Freemason, or even other recognized Grand Jurisdictions. While these materials and further education of historical and foreign practices of Freemasonry are worthy of consideration, it is important to note what is required of us as Alabama Freemasons. If you enjoy these quizzes, you are encouraged to request further instruction from your Worshipful Master, District Lecturer, or the Committee on Education and Public Relations.

In the Monitor, The Entered Apprentice Lecture informs us that “never were more excellent rules and useful maxims laid down than are inculcated in the service Masonic Lecture.” The Installation of Officers states to The Lodge, “Let nothing disturb that pure, warm, and holy love which our ritual enjoins. Follow the injunctions and your lodge will flourish.” 


Mike Feld, PM

Chairman, Committee on Education and Public Relations